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Live hemocytometer cell motility 9/27/2019 live test microscope 400x objective room temp NO warming

Vial analysis-$20 Receive a Motility video 30-60seconds of the specimen that will be mailed FedEx 24hr express. 

Hemocytometer average cell count  per/ML $40 Receive an average Live progressive motility cell count of the specimen being mailed FedEx 24 hr express.

cell count will be done on raw specimens before TYB is added.

Vial Motility monitoring $99 - A small amount will be taken from a vial after mixing at 1:1 ratio with TYb around 0.20ml-0.25ml will be kept and stored in a temp controlled lab fridge at 45F + - 2F and checked at 24hrs,48 hr, and 72 hr. a video will be taken 10-15 seconds showing motility rate up to 72hr. This can be helpful if you plan to store the specimen up to 72hrs it can give you a general idea vial motility for the specimen that was sent. Note motility will be slightly lower due to the small volume kept, the larger the vials 2.0 to 3.0ml the longer vitality/motility lasts.

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