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Donor AI kits-Shipped 24hr

within the lower 48 US states

Successful shipper with 6 pregnancies

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STD-STI negative View lab tests here
9/27/ 19 - Average sperm count 316,966,000/ml Total.

TYB once mixed can be stored @ 41-45 degrees f for 72 to 96-hrs from collection time 

A great deal of attention has been put into the research of cold shipment packing to delay heat transfer to the live sperm vials. Motility samples in temperature monitored tests were assessed after shipping to confirm the highest possible motility after 24 to 48 hours of storage during the shipping process.
See the FAQ page for Motility, vitality, and morphology test results

About Me and my genealogy 

  hello! I'm a 26-year-old ( Italian-Native American- Russian- European genealogy ) Of royal descent bloodline.

I am a Life long NON-GMO organic gardener and avid hiker and lover of the outdoors. I grew up always outside doing something like riding Dirt bikes,ATV's, snowmobiling in the mountains, rock climbing, I enjoy all things outdoors :) i have many hobbies i have recently taken up photography and fishing I'm 6 ft tall 140 lbs, Have dark to light brown hair, hazel green eyes, with black facial hair. Rh A- Negative

I'm passionate about everything I do, I love volunteering to help animals. I can't stand to see things broken in life, I always try to fix what I put my hands on. I eat a Healthy Diet consisting of All Organic- nuts, seeds, grains, fruits veggies. And lean meat. No tobacco use or Alcohol

I love to see plants and people grow! and not just grow to thrive! By getting everything they need to flourish into the beautiful fragrant fruits, they will become.

majority of family line relatives were construction workers and laborers, servicemen in the army, air-force, and navy, the Last relative to actively serve was in the 82nd airborne infantry division.

majority of Female relatives are nurses, EMT's and k-8th Teachers,
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